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EPC in Accrington - get your EPC for your property in Accrington

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The EPC will tell you the energy efficiency of your property and also its potential if you install the recommended measures.


The EPC tells you how well your property performs with regard to energy usage based on standard assumptions so all properties are measured in the same way. The performance of the property is not affected by your personal managment of that energy.


Your Energy Performance Certificate is generated after the data is collected. The certificate will be emailed to you and your estate agent (if appropriate) almost always within 24 hours of the appointment.

Get an EPC in Accrington for a fixed price of £45 with no hidden extras

Prices for Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) in Accrington (or properties in the BB5 postcode) have a fixed price of £45. This includes lodgement of the EPC on the EPC register, production of the certificate and travel costs within Accrington.

Factors affecting the EPC

During the inspection for the certificate, I will measure the size of the property to calculate the cubic volume that is heated.  Main factors affecting the calculations are how the energy is used, so all the heating and all the lighting, and where the energy is lost from, so the walls, the windows and the loft space.

Loft Insulation
EPC is affected by the level of loft insulation

A loft that is not insulated will lose most of its heat through the roof. Loft insulation can be quick and easy to install and current building regulations state that 270mm is required. The impact of increasing loft insulation can be great especially if there is less than 75mm of insulation currently installed. 270mm is deemed to be the optimum and will result in a higher EPC rating.

Low energy bulbs affect the EPC rating

Using low energy light bulbs throughout your property will result in lower electric bills. A typical low energy bulb uses 10 times less electric than a conventional bulb.

The Heating System
Energy efficient heating systems boost the EPC rating

An efficient gas boiler will be much more cost effective to run than electric heating and will result in lower energy bills and a higher EPC rating.

Double Glazing
Double glazing reduces energy loss

A property that is double glazed will be much more energy efficient than one with single glazed.  Modern double glazed units have draughtproofing and are usually argon filled, so that the cold from the outside pane does not pass to the inside pane quite so easily.


An EPC in Accrington

This end of terrace property in Accrington is typical of the older housing stock in the area.  The walls are constructed of solid sandstone which are not insulated. It has two bedrooms and two rooms on the ground floor.

The property achieved a D rating with a score of 59.  This is a very typical rating for properties in Accrington.

The property has central heating.  A combi condensing boiler provides the heating and the hot water.


The walls and floors are not insulated but there is 250mm of insulation in the loft.


Of the eight lightbulbs in the property, only one is a low energy bulb.


A relatively compact property, it has a floor area of approximately 60 square metres.  As an end of terrace, there is only 1 party wall which is sheltered, and 3 walls losing heat to the outside air.

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